Manny Paquiao VS. Shane Mosley

Just like any Paquiao fight, I spent the day with my parents watching pay per view at Bistro Rosario. 

I came in later than I usually do because I spent my time last night blogging at my fashion blog. It takes too long to upload photos using broadband connection. So I slept late and just too tired to get up early this morning. 

I'm somewhat disappointed of the fight. It was boring. I think both fighters respect each other too much. Shane Mosley looks too "kind"... His face is just way too kind for me compared to the previous boxers which Paquiao was able to fight with. If I was Paquiao, I'd be hesitant to punch the guy on the face too. I don't know what's going on. They might have some kind of "contract" or something that's why they didn't fight "harshly". 

I think if Paquiao was really serious with the fight, he might have already gave Mosley some scratch or big lump on the face around round 3-4. But Mosley was not badly hurt, just some little bruises... up until the end of the fight. Weird. 

I admire both of the fighter's sportsmanship though. I admire Mosley for not badmouthing Paquiao even before the main event. 

Congratulations Manny! More power to you. :) 

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  • scarlet's walk | May 8, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    i think they have an understanding. like most of Pacquiao's less intimidating contenders. they just did it for the money. that's why i hate watching Paquiao fights.

    yeah, i was still up when you published your blog last night. hehehe.

  • Tessa | May 9, 2011 at 9:29 AM

    I do believe he has some kind of understanding with other boxers... but this have to be one on his top list. Mosely wasn't badly hurt... I think its because Mosely was not at all rude to Pacman compared to the other boxers...

    oh I was able to see that :D thanks :)

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