Where You Going To?

For the past days, I've been confused and unproductive. All I can say is that there will be a lot of changes. I don't want to enumerate them, but there would be a lot of adjustments to make. I still have a lot of things to do... I still haven't made a "physical" list about it, but I will soon. I need to prioritize things since I feel like I'm lost. 

The good news however is that my account at school is now cleared. Thank God my practicum grade went okay. I was expecting the opposite because something wrong happened during the last days of my internship. Well I guess things really happen for a reason. And now, everything is doing well. 

For the meantime, I'm having thoughts of whether I should review my lessons then take my masters or work then take my masters. :D I really believe that I need to sharpen up my knowledge. Honestly, the last time I learned something (theoretically/academically)... it was two years ago. So I might go back to basic. 

Of course, my curiosity for getting a job still lurks me everyday. I think I can pretty much do well at work, but I just don't know if I'll get a job right away. The transcript will definitely show what I did at school. :D 

I wish I could share everything here what happened in my life for the past months. All I can say is that it was one heck of a ride (emotionally). But I'm hoping that everything will do well. Also to those people I've encountered and hurt along the way, with all my heart, I'm sorry, and I know we'll be okay despite of what we've went through. 

Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are. - Bernice Johnson Reagon

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