Mushy Me!

So when was the last time I felt so mushy? Well in my previous relationships, I did but not like how I feel for the past few weeks. I just don't know why, but I feel different, better, happy, and satisfied, despite of the longing that's been going on. Love songs are much better to listen to, but I'm still picky in watching love stories. And now, I'm blogging about it... which means, it MEANS something. I just feel right.

This song is one of my favorites. The lyrics just struck it right... but now, I'm letting all the pain go, and starting all over again. Let me just say that I'm ready now than I have ever been before. 

Oh, what's the matter baby?
Is the truth too hard to hear
Well, I think you know I'm not the one who lied
And now it's all behind us
And we both play out our lives
But the years don't change the way I feel inside

So we play the game out
Though it feels the same now
Are you missin' me?

Well now, baby just be aware
Of how much I still care
Ohhhh, I need your love

I gave to you
My heart and soul
Now I just need
To let you know
You're part of me
That I just can't let go (go, go)
Go (go, go)

I used to hear this a lot on the radio on it's original version. Urgh! It was so painful listening to this song back then. But I guess, the wounds have healed.

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