So Many I'd-Rather-Not-Say

I just realized that there are just so many things that happened in my life this 2011, and I feel like most of it just happened yesterday. I wish I could just enumerate those things, but I'd rather keep it to myself. So even this kind of "emotion" should be left unspoken. It will pass by anyway. Or maybe, it can happen in another blog, which I'm not even sure if I could manage. As you can see, I am now having a hard time managing my blogs... and then I am now limiting what I want to share. Gah! So much for a "personal blog". 

What I can talk about now though is my "longingness" for a person to talk to (Is there even such a word? The auto correct function says it's wrong. My english is getting worse I think). 

Oh I just rarely get to talk to someone who's sensible enough... about anything that can be talked about. I think, so far, I have met only two persons who were sensible enough to me. And... they're both gone too. I just don't know why, but sensible people are hard to find, unavailable, inaccessible... Hehe. They also tend to leave "complications" in my life. And this is the reason why I'd rather not talk about things to just anyone. If I do talk it out, I rarely expect a good conversation or advice. Where are these people? Geez. Anyway, I just hope they're happy and in good shape. 

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  • Faust | December 12, 2011 at 10:01 AM

    have you really been that honest enough with that person? it would be better to hear it from you straight rather to hear it from other people.

  • Tessa | December 13, 2011 at 12:45 AM

    i've been honest but there are just some things that i couldn't say just right away... because i just don't know how to say it in the first place. i intend to tell the truth ...and i've done quite a lot of mistakes already. i can't say i'm expecting for the best, because i know i've hurt a lot of people... i'll just accept whatever consequence that may come after.

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