Movie Clearance

...Those two words just speak for how my day went.

I'm just happy that I made some progress everyday with my requirements. Today, I finally received my Barangay Clearance (which I wasn't able to get yesterday due to some requirements I wasn't able to comply from the Barangay office). Good thing my Uncle Conrad is always there to help me with anything "governmental" because he knows people around the Barangay and details about other government compliance stuff. The reason why I wasn't able to get my clearance yesterday was I wasn't registered. After the transaction at the Barangay Hall, I immediately had my voter's registration at Magsaysay Comelec to stop my "negligence" from my responsibility as a Filipino citizen. Guess I'm in time for celebrating my way of independence day huh? 

Do I sound too busy? Well I still get to have fun. :D I still eat out on my vacant time. That's something that I would love to have. That's why I'm not getting any slimmer. So losing weight is not one of my priorities these days. I just love to eat lately. And I'm having this Zagu fixation. Everyday, I drink a grande cup of hazelnut cappuccino which is really not helping me fight the sugar away from my sweet life. I think that counts as to why I'm having crazy appetite for something delicious. Sweets or anything softdrink or juices just increase appetite. The oatmeal might have to wait 'till I get busier (yes that's how I get to shed a few pounds sometimes :D). 

Today, I was able to watch a movie (again). It's been like what? My 4th time of watching movies on the big screen this month. That would be X-men First Class which I was able to watch with my best friend Kharlo (first time at Abreeza cinema and I didn't like the cinema at all). Hangover 2, Kung Fu Panda 2, and just this afternoon Green Lantern 3D at NCCC Mall Cinema. 

I mostly watch movies alone in cinemas because mostly it's spontaneous, and everytime I go out, it's either I hit fastfoods/restaurants or NCCC Cinema or just both! :D I've always been like this. Well, during grade school and high school though, it's fastfood and arcade. I guess I'm really fond of anything with a screen! and food! lol. 

So yeah, I watched Green Lantern even when it's in 3D. I'm not a fan of 3D but it wasn't available in 2D at NCCC Cinema. Was not really in the mood to watch Super 8 or Forever and A Day... So Green Lantern was the best choice. The other movie was Hang Over 2, but I already watched that. 

Btw, I love watching at NCCC Cinema because (1) It's super cold. (2) Comfiest seats. (3) I'm very comfortable with the place. I rarely go watch a movie in other cinemas. So even when there are malls nearby our house or office, I still go at NCCC Mall. 

So that's how my day went :) I'm happy that I'm able to cope with my requirements and at the same time, do something that I love. 
I know. I've been away for quite a while. Well, not a really long long while... But I guess this would be a first out of so many updates I've made for months now.

I've been away from both of my blogs for more than a week. Even from social networking sites which I visit a lot such as Plurk, Twitter, and Facebook. I depend on those sites a lot. Well, even though it doesn't generate me visitors much, microblogging is still my thing even when I blog on my blogger.

I've been busy with my personal life. Well, especially with my love life since I don't seem to give it much attention compared to the past week I had. All I do for the past few months was update my blogs and attend events. It's like I'm mostly online on the internet and mostly offline with my personal life. I do however met some new friends, which I was able to have spent time with. So being in hiatus was a time to have a break from all those things and give my full attention to my boyfriend. I guess he was very patient and supportive with the things that were happening to me during those months. Good thing we had a "we" time last Wednesday  (June 8, 2011) which was such a bliss! Because of that, I feel very very much in love with him and with us. *forgive me for being too mushy.

what did I gain from staying away from the internet?

No more back aches.
No more moodiness.
Calmer. (irritable no more)

I guess you do get the opposite of what I've said above if you spend a lot of time in front of the computer. Studies also show that kids who play too much video games or computer games are moody and lazy compared to those who have limited use of the PC (TV Patrol National).

Would I be back for more blogging? I'm still not sure. I still have a lot of things to do for my internship requirements that hopefully, I'd be able to comply this week. I do hope I'd get in the mood of blogging better. In the mean time, I'll enjoy my personal activities. Hopefully to be able to catch up with some of my high school friends again and spend time with boyfie again. :D

Hope you guys had a great week.
Honestly, I'm not one of the smartest kids in class ever since I stepped in to school. I am often by myself and shy. Most of the time, I'm afraid to exert effort in class, and I often doubt my capabilities. I think I was never interested in learning at school when I was still very young until I finished high school. And honestly, I never really gave importance to education. What I love doing at school however are co-curricular activities such as singing and drawing.

Well I know the fact that education is important because my parents always say that it will definitely help me get a good job, and its the only thing that they can give me that can never be taken away by anyone. That's all I know for years. Just mere words that lacks substance.

Unlike any other kid who's pressured by their parents to have straight As or 9s, my parents never really bothered about my grades. Pasang awa lang, okay na. Later on, like I stepped in to college, I realized that it was disadvantageous on my part. I never really have built my study habits, even just the interest of reading things that I do not like. It was hard for me to learn something that I don't want to study.

There was also a time in my life, when I was still studying at Ateneo, that I felt or thought of myself so lowly. Instead of striving for a good mark at school, I lurk to my negative feelings and thoughts. It was really unproductive. My confidence and self-esteem was very low that I decided to drop my subjects. I couldn't seem to understand the things around me, and I also felt that I don't belong to that place.

When I moved in to another university (UM), I was ready to pick myself up again and have a fresh new start. I built my self-esteem with books. I never thought that learning and discovering new things would make me feel so good. I gained more interest for learning new things. I was also able to discover new skills and interests, everything is doing well.

Now I understood what my parents were trying to say. Even though I wasn't able to learn things through them, at least I was able to discover this myself. It wasn't easy. The feeling of being down wasn't easy. I'm just happy that I was able to overcome my fear and doubts about myself.

I still think of education sometimes as a mere diploma. It doesn't really talk about who you are, what you have become, and what you have really learned. Yes it is important, practically speaking. But it doesn't mean you'll be successful with what you have "educationally achieved". Education and learning itself is different, right? Learning is all about the information that you have understood or gathered and put in to practice. Education is a degree. Okay, education is something as I think as a big plus to having a good job.

But maybe some things are far more important to me.