I'm currently on my mobile right now, trying to figure out how to post an update on my blog. I guess I just need to stick with the e-mail-to-entry thing since I haven't found a mobile website of blogger. I tried typing the entry directly to the regular site but its quite difficult... the screen doesn't have any auto scroll function. That means I have to scroll the screen myself just to see the whole sentence structure etc etc.

Anyway, if ever you're going to ask how am I doing, I'm actually doing good. But I terribly miss blogging. I just can't go back to my usual updates because I honestly can't balance my internet and "real time" world. So in the meantime I'll be giving up my time for the internet to make way for my personal priorities.

My educational setting from my internship ended last Friday. I really had a great time with the setting because I was able to discover that I actually have a potential in teaching. Am I sounding too strong or too forward? But I know I still have a lot to learn and I'm not claiming that I'm already on an "expert" level. I strongly believe I still have to work on my english. Hehe. If I'm gramatically incorrect in some (maybe most) of my sentences on my blogs, then I'm not as good in speaking english either. I may be able to get through with confidence but I believe it isn't enough.

I was also touched by students who were very courteous and kind in the process. That was one of the things that motivated me aside from the students who listened attentively. I got motivated in relearning things in the past so I could explain things that they don't know and can't understand. To simply put it, my spirits were high in that field of my internship.

As of the moment, I am waiting for assignment in our guidance exposure. Hopefully it would turn well too.

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