Update M10D17Y12

Busy? Probably. And I've been wanting to.  My spare time during the afternoon now (beginning July 18), I spend it at the gym.  Other time of the day, I read novels or health magazines while looking after the barbershop, and night time is when I close and clean the shop.  It's boring sometimes because everything is a routine., but I get to do what I want with my health and body. 

Lately, I've been replacing rice with whole wheat bread and choosing what I eat (this is my 5th day without rice). I don't eat out much anymore, like compulsive eating at fast food chains...  I just started out this diet since I've been told by some of the gym instructors that I have to diet to get more out of my exercise/weight loss.  I happily lost almost 8kgs in 3 months.  It might be little, but at least I'm progressing. 

I still think about blogging.  One day, I'll be able to get back on it.  There are a lot of things in my mind that I want to blog, I just don't know where and what to begin with.  I miss my time spent with the Davao Bloggers, maybe I'll get back to that too. 

Everything I want to do needs time.  I just have to organize, prioritize what I want. 

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