Year End Post

I read a few of my entries and thought I'd drop by a lil entry before the year ends.

I can't say that I've encountered a lot of things this year since I'm pretty much always at home, work, and at the fitness gym. However, I've made a great leap with my body. I haven't lost a lot but I did get to stay active for months. Only stopping when my body is really aching or if I'm sick... It's been a challenging year for me, physically... and I plan to maintain it.

As for my love life... well, we're keeping our relationship strong despite of the distance. Communication is the key. Just any other relationship, we do have misunderstandings and it does get bumpy at some time (especially of our "similarities")... but nothing beats the sweetness in making up right after the fight. :D It gets difficult some times but you just have be faithful not only to your boyfriend but also to the kind of relationship you have.

As for my plans next year (okay, resolutions)... I just need to maintain those two things... and  save money! Gosh... I only saved maybe 1/8th of the earnings I had this year. Most of my money went to gadgets, food, and movies. So I really need to plan my spending. Actually I have a lot of resolutions to list, which I already wrote down on my planner. I just have to religiously DO my plans.

Hoping for the best in the years to come! Happy holidays! :)

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