Thoughts and A Piece of Cake

Lately, I'm obsessing on eating in coffee shops.  I just like the ambiance, free wifi, and food.  But what I love in this place is people watching.  Most of the time I over hear them with their conversations, about work, family, school, and even legal issues.

Today, I get to reminisce my school life.  I think its always school that I get to think of these days.  I don't know if I actually miss it since I rarely did perform well at school. Up until now, I can't seem to point out how I graduated.  I'm not that bad, but I don't perform seriously, strive or do best even.

I remember going out with some of my closest friends back when I was still in ADDU. All I get to remember is eating and hanging out with them during breaks.  Though those memories hurt me.  I think its because I really didn't fit in.  I'm the type who's contented with a small group and never really got in to the hype of watching UAAP, gadgets, gossip, even academics.  I think it was pretty loud and I prefer to tone down.  And worse, the best friend whom I treated as a sister "dumped" me out of her life for a mistake that I never did.  I guess college life at ADDU was painful because of that, and I never wanted to talk about it anymore with anyone (yah, except today). 

I did got a chance to re-live college life as I transfer to another school.  I was carrying with me a bunch of lessons, well about my love life and giving value to myself.  But I separated to people even more, only gaining (again) just a few close ones.  I stayed away from the loud, active group and found comfort to people who are somewhat like me.  I guess the improvements I had at UM are: I felt more accepted and comfortable, I gained my self-esteem back.  And... I really didn't care who I am to others.

I do have regrets, such as this big chocolate cake I'm munching on right now.  But it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy it.  I just have to let go of those regrets, move on, be better.  That's life, right?

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