Cookie Butter Donut

The perks of being a blogger.  You just can't stop doing something if you love doing it.  

After meeting up with my best friend Kharlo, I just didn't know where to go.  I just want to hangout on a nice quiet place... Somewhere I can have an unlimited access to the internet and grab something sweet. But not too sweet.  And I remember Go Nuts Donuts (Abreeza Ayala Mall).  Good thing they now have wifi connection.

I entered the store and noticed a few people already eating their orders.  One of the customers talked to the manager and shared how their new product tastes like.  I resumed on looking at the available donuts.  Just to make the story shorter, I somewhat was able to but* myself in the convo of being a blogger... Well just being friendly and wanted to have a lil conversation... And I end up with three donuts.  Two of which I ordered and one, on the house!  So happy I got to taste their newest Cookie Butter Donut. 

It took me a while to grab a bite even though I'm sooo excited to do so.  I just got busy sharing it over Davao Blogger's group page on facebook, on my timeline, twitter, and instagram. 

And here it is!

I'm really a sweet tooth and I know my taste very well.  What's amazing with this doughnut is that it isn't powerfully sweet.
It's easy on the tastebuds.  
The topping is creamy and thick.  
It doesn't overpower the doughnut.  
It's safe to pair with a sweet drink.
Good for those sweet conscious people.
Remember that the calories are still there... But this seems to me like a guilt-free treat if you know your portion.

I love this flavor!  Because I'm not in to super sweet doughnuts.  This is just a must to pair with any kind of drink.  Not to mention that you've treated yourself already with Speculoos Cookie Butter.  Isn't that the best treat? 

Because I'm impressed with this flavor, I wrote this after I've tried Cookie Butter.  Definitely will recommend this to my parents who are not in to sweets. 

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